Saturday, December 1, 2012


1. About Accommodation:
U will get ur accommodation in studio Or Madhuram Greens Or Swami Narayan apartments, shared by 4 people. [below in gallery, you can check the pics of accommodation]
Girls and boys stay in the same complex in different buildings …
For internet– You need to buy the connection. An agent of some internet provider is available in the campus.
TV’s are available at some common places in the building.
You wil be allowed to choose your room mates if you come at a time in group. First come First serve basis.
hot water facility is available geyser are set up
We can choose our own room mates, its all 2 bhk (some times they make random arrangements).
so 4 ppl can stay together in a flat.
Best Accommodation considering all other ILP. The only accomodation centre which is just 3 mins(From studio apartment) ; 10mins From Madhuram Greens Apartments) and Swaminarayan Residency 10min walk To ILP. So we can get up aram se.
weekly they change bed sheet.
daily they clean room. (So no need to bring pillow, bed sheet and all. For ur comfort you can bring blanket)
canteen facility is at the basement. Pay and eat.
Dont bring IRON box, washing clothes is not allowed. You can, but if warden sees then -/-.
There are about 15-20 outlets/hotels nearby.
Gym facility (Free) below ILP centre, but it wil be too packed. You can also go for near by resort, where there is swimming pool too(pay and use).
2. About ILP
Phones and no other electronic devices are allowed inside ILP.
Wednesday : Compulsory Tie for Boys ..
ILP –> in google maps (23.192876,72.636697)

Public transport: CH0 Bus Stop (387 m NE)
The first 2 days at ILP will be spent in auditorium, listening to talks from people from various departments, trying to induct us into TCS. It was imbibed on our minds what it means to be a ‘TATA’ person and we were told a lot many functional aspects about TCS and ILP.
The initial 1 week will be spent in getting used to ILP as a whole. The least liked rule by the associates (that is what employees are called at TCS) was to return to room by 10-30.
We would be enjoying the gentle breeze in the beautiful lawn at Infocity lawns when the watchmen would start whistling exactly at 10-30.
The ILP center is in a serene and peaceful location on the Ahmedabad-Gandhinagar route. There are dense trees and thus lots of shade and winds and going for a walk is a pleasure anytime during the mornings or evenings.
All necessities are readily available; if not at the center itself, there are ample complexes and joints around to find food, clothes, junk-food, etc. Room service is provided at the center and it is taken care of that you room is cleaned while you area at office.
3. Other Things :
Lot varieties of food are available in the Gandhinagar campus. Non-veg is also available.
15 min walk to ccd and many more..
KFCs and McDs are a minimum of 20 kms away fm infocity..
Mall: Alpha One. [30 min drive] and many other Malls.


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